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The litigation process in the UAE can vary depending on the type of case and the jurisdiction in which it is being heard. However, there are some general steps that can be followed in most cases.

  • Pre-litigation: Before a case goes to court, the parties involved may attempt to resolve the dispute through negotiations or alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration. If an agreement cannot be reached, the case may proceed to court.
  • Filing a Claim: The claimant (the party initiating the lawsuit) files a claim with the relevant court. The claim must include a detailed description of the dispute, the legal basis for the claim, and any relevant supporting documents.
  • Service of Process: The defendant (the party being sued) must be served with the claim and given an opportunity to respond. The process of serving the defendant may vary depending on the jurisdiction, but it must be done in a manner that gives the defendant fair notice of the lawsuit.
  • Discovery: The discovery phase is an opportunity for both parties to gather information and evidence to support their case. This may involve exchanging documents, taking depositions, and conducting other forms of discovery.
  • Pretrial Motions: Before the case goes to trial, the parties may make pretrial motions, such as motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment, or motions to exclude evidence.
  • Trial: If the case proceeds to trial, both parties will have an opportunity to present evidence and make arguments to the judge or jury. The judge or jury will then make a decision based on the evidence presented.
  • Appeal: If either party is dissatisfied with the outcome of the trial, they may have the right to appeal the decision to a higher court.

This is a general overview of the litigation process in the UAE, but the specific procedures and rules can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of case. It is important to have an experienced litigator handle your case to ensure that the process is followed correctly and that your rights are protected.

Representation & Services

Our team has decades of extensive litigation experience in various industry sectors and areas of law. Our practice caters for the full spectrum of litigation including civil, commercial, and criminal law. We represent our clients before all local courts across the UAE, Federal courts, and DIFC courts. Our lawyers specialize in different industry sectors which grants us a diversity and depth of legal expertise and experience. Our professionalism and commitment to winning, has earned the trust of major international and multinational brands.

Our litigation services cover a range of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employment and Employment-Related Disputes
  • Criminal Defense
  • Civil Litigation
  • Construction Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Banking Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation

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At our law firm, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of legal representation and customer service. Our lawyers are knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. If you are facing a legal dispute or need criminal defense, please contact us today.