Mr Osama H. Dablouk
Litigation Lawyer | Senior Partner Licensed before UAE courts


Mr Osama H. Dablouk has completed his Master's Degree in private and public law in 1990 at Alexandria University, and Bachelor graduate in Law in 1984 from Zagazig University. He has over 35 years of experience in law and worked as legal counsel for the Ministry of Justice in the UAE for 14 years before joining Prestige Advocates.

Since 1985, he became a licensed lawyer to appear before UAE courts.

Whilst working as a senior lawyer within the ministry, he has represented the government and governmental entities in litigation across its many sectors which include construction disputes.

He has worked on cases of malpractice against federal hospitals .

He has also represented the ministry of the Economy in trademark and trade agency matters and worked with the governmental body that reviewed legislation prior to it being submitted to the cabinet for approval.

He was a member of the legal committee which supervised the liquidation of the Bank of Credit and Commerce BCCI, and worked on local litigation for a large international trademark company. He was also a member of the external legal counsel team of Emirates Petroleum.

Practice Focus

  • Inheritance and Family law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Governmental & Regulatory
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Civil & Commercial